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Umay Zeytinyağı Dış Ticaret LTD ŞTİ - OliveOilsLand® - Olive Oil Supplier, one of the biggest exporters and manufacturer of olive oil in the world, is one of the largest oil mills in the world. In the world's largest nations, Turkish olive oil is being used by this world's best olive oil factory. The main olive oil plant in OliveOilsland is located in Turkey, the core of the olive orchards. Turkey is one of the world's best ten olive oil manufacturers as well as one of the world's bottom ten. In order for Turkish olive oil to eventually be transferred to its countries, organizations know the importance of Turkey's manufacturing and its precious commodities.Just an experienced exporter understands and provides the equivalent to buyers for the estimation of value olive oil. They are bound to communicate value not only to a specific country but worldwide. And when buying such products, attempt approaching a trustworthy exporter like OliveOilsLand that is the largest o…

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Nutrition Facts

There is a reason why olive has historically been chosen as a preferred source of edible oil over and above other fruits and vegetables. Dating back to the medieval times, the economic prosperity of several countries along the shores of Mediterranean was heavily dependent on the cultivation of olive and manufacturing of olive oil. These nations, such as Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, and so on, are still successfully trading in exquisite qualities of olive oil. The worldwide demand of the product is justified by not only the flavor and texture it adds, but also by its nutritional value. Among all the varieties, extra virgin olive oil is undoubtedly the best. It is made from fresh, handpicked olives from organic orchards and the oil is extracted via natural cold-press without application of any processing chemicals or mechanical heat to change its composition. Therefore, it is the premium quality that is sought after by everyone for both taste and health benefits. EV…

OliveOilsLand | Unique Bag in Box Olive Oil Manufacturing as a Turkish Olive Oil Company

Protect Your Olive Oil Securely and Get Rid of Negligible Waste withOliveOilsLand-A Unique Bag in Box Olive Oil Manufacturing as a Turkish Olive Oil Company.

Concentrate the most extreme measure of the item while protecting freshness and taste. Regardless of whether it's a little pocket of olive oil or enough to fuel a huge scale nourishment administration activity, we realize it must be sheltered. We give an excellent state of value and security you need throughout each and every day. OliveOilsLand Bag in Box Olive Oilarrangements keep your item unadulterated, protecting freshness and quality with an expanded optional timeframe of realistic usability. Also, OliveOilsLand Bag in Box Olive Oil empowers clients to allocate about 99% of what's inside, which diminishes item squander. Trust OliveOilsLand’s perfect and inventive items to keep yours crisp from fill through last the administering. 

OliveOilsLand Bag in Box Olive Oil- Adjustable Packaging
OliveOilsLand adjustable Bag-in-…

Calories in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For thousands of years, olive oil has been considered to be an extremely healthy choice for light cooking and salad dressing. Although the product has its roots in the Mediterranean countries of Europe, Africa and Middle-East such as Spain, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Tunisia, and more, it is now used all around the world for its flavor, aroma and texture. How to know which olive oil to choose? There are several varieties of olive oil out in the market and each of them claim to be the best version one can find. However, when it comes to health benefits, extra virgin variety is by far the best choice. It is the best organic olive oil you can get your hands on. Unlike some of the other varieties, this one has absolutely no adulteration done to its components. The fruits from which extra virgin olive oil is made are freshly hand-plucked, manually sorted and the oil is extracted by the traditional cold-press procedure instead of applying mechanical heat or chemicals to facilitate the process…

10 smooth realities of olive oil

From the orchards of Ancient Turkish  to several thousand households around the world in modern society, olive oil has made quite a journey. And yet, despite being one of the oldest produced consumer goods of the world, it still manages to surprise with its plethora of hidden facts, features and fruitfulness. Here are 10 interesting realities of olive oil that are inherent to its very existence. Not all olive oils are created equal More often than not, a bottled tagged as ‘virgin olive oil’ does not actually qualify for the status. That is why it is important to understand the differences between the different types of olive oils and to learn how to read the label and discern the quality of the oil from the components and sources mentioned. Extra virgin olive oil has the most health benefits EVOO is the best example of unadulterated organic olive oil, as it is made from the first cold pressing of the olives, and has no application of mechanical heat or chemicals for extraction. It pa…

7 Reasons olive oil brands are better than other food oils brands

There are hosts of brands out there, producing and marketing several types of oil suitable for cooking, baking and drizzling. Among the more popular kinds, there are coconut oil, canola oil, corn oil, soy oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, and many more. But the most versatile and reportedly healthiest of them all is cooking oliveoil, favored by consumers around the world over other types. If you are wondering why, here are seven reasons why olive oil brands are better than any other variety. Olive oil has healthy fatty acids Monounsaturated Fatty Acids or MUFA and Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids or PUFA, which are tagged as good fats, have a number of heart health benefits. Olive oil contains both in significant quantities. The best variety of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) contains a certain MUFA called oleic acid, which makes up about 75% of the oil content, therefore making olive oil a great option for cooking. Olive oil has lower saturated fat content The bad fats or the saturated fats…

Why is olive oil good for health?

The Mediterranean diet, much like its weather, is considered to be quite wholesome and inarguably the best in the world. The native diets of countries like Greece, Italy, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey and Spain score brownie points in being among the healthiest in the global cuisine. One of the chief ingredients of Mediterranean food is olive oil and it is used extensively throughout all kinds of dishes and preparations. Restaurants and eateries serving the cuisine often buy bulk olive oil for cooking, frying and salad dressing. The reason why it is chosen is its numerous health benefits. Any authentic bottle of olive oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, polyphenol antioxidants and vitamins, which do their part in improving and sustaining human health to a large extent. Other than the wide range of cooking olive oil bottles available in the market, it is also sold as a cosmetic product and its value in skincare regime is undeniable as well. Read on to find out the many health benefits of…